Saturday, October 8, 2011

Pet adoptions

Quick post about day one of our attempt to find dog and cat companions at a local shelter. We wanted to find a young adult dog that was medium sized to fit our current postage stamp sized backyard, small house floorplan, and busy schedules and a young adult cat that's dog friendly.

It's always tough going to the shelter because we fall in love with animals instantly and want to take them all home with us. Sadly, we didn't bring any new forever friends home today and when we left it felt as if we were leaving our hearts behind. I think Jakob and I even shed a few tears on the car ride home.

While our search was unsuccessful today, we're going back tomorrow, filled with hoped and excitement.

If you have the capacity to take care of a pet, please consider adopting one from an animal shelter. Rescuing animals is truly rewarding. For those of you who live in the Seattle area, the Seattle Humane Society is making it easy by offering free adoptions this weekend!

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