Sunday, October 2, 2011

It's time to sit down and enjoy a healthy dose of Celebrity Vegan!

Special guest post by (my daughter) Kaela Palmer


Being a vegan isn't something new to most of it's avid followers, yet it seems to be the latest trend on the Hollywood Boulevard. One of it's newest contenders? Lea Michele.

If you don't recognize the name you must a.) live under a rock, or b.) not have a television or internet of any kind. Lea has the starring role in the hit Fox show Glee. She plays the character of 'Rachel Berry', a snobby fame-seeking high school student, determined to gain stardom by any means necessary.
Lately, the 23 year old singer has been accused of being 'too skinny', but amid the blatant tabloid rumors, the healthy actress claims that her new love for nutrition is making her well, not sick. So why is it that when someone denies a hamburger, and instead goes for a salad, that they MUST have body issues? Has anyone from the carnivorous spectrum ever stopped to ask about why vegans make the switch?

For Lea, it's all about living a healthy lifestyle; in order to that, she had to change her eating habits as well. In a recent interview with OK! Magazine, she stated that she chooses a "vegan diet for integrity and energy". In order to play the spunky Miss Berry on set, you need a lot of energy, and this eating habit is the best alternative she has found to feeling so in character.

On top of already being a healthy eater with balanced nutrition, Lea is also an avid exerciser. Her must? Yoga. Yoga and veganism. A solid pair made in plant-based heaven.

For young fans and viewers of her show, and those who follow her every move, she is a proud and prime example of a celebrity doing good for not only herself, but the community as well.
The animals thank you, Lea. And so do we.

Kaela Palmer

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